Borderline abnormal cells and symptoms

Hi everyone

I'm nearly 35 and have just had a smear test done privately before looking into fertility treatment.


I was told there are borderline changes but no HPV was detected. I forgot to mention some symptoms to the fertility dr as to be fair to me, he was shoving me out the door asap. But for months I have noticed my underwear is always soaking and I've had the occasional smell of gas downstairs (gas gas, not body gas). Also, my cervix bled after the smear and bleeds slightly around ovulation.  I am also able to touch my cervix and it feels like there's an extra thin layer of skin. It's also kinda achy/painful but could be due to my prodding. 


I really want more tests to rule out/in something dodgy and will make a GP appointment to mention the symptoms but does anyone have any advice/thoughts?

I just have this awful feeling about it.


Thank you x

Hey, I bled aswell after my last smear test and it came back as inadequate and I have got to go back for another one. I would definitely mention all your symptoms to your GP. I have been having trouble with my periods since coming off the pill and if my next test is also inadequate I shall be making an appointment to see my GP. It's always worth going to your GP with your concerns as they may be able to put you forward for more test (if necessary) or just to give you some comfort. Hope everything goes okay for you