Borderline abnormal cells and HPV - no treatment and 3 yr recall?

Hi,  I went for my first colposcopy last week following a smear result of borderline abnormal cells and HPV infection (I'm pretty sure I've been told this is high risk HPV but can't be sure).

At the appointment the consultant told me before even looking that I wouldn't need treatment but I may need a biopsy. He did the colposcopy and said he didn't need to take a biospy and told me that I wouldn't need a smear for 3 years - by which time the HPV may have cleared.

At the time I was just treatment and no biospy - brilliant! But I'm now getting a bit concerned by it.  If I have abnormal cells (though only borderline) and HPV is it safe to leave a smear for 3 years? Has this happened to anyone else? It seems that most people are called back for smear in 6 or 12 months?



i believe that with borderline changes the chances are that things will just sort themselves out without treatment. The body normally fights the hpv virus off itself Within 2 years. It also seems that cervical cancer takes many years to develop (around 9 years) from having abnormal cells, so I guess the consultants view is that 3 years would be soon enough to sort any problems out if they have not sorted themselves out by then. Hope this helps and reasures you somewhat. X


I had exactly the same experience as you only I didn't get to the third year as my hypochondria got the better of me so I ended up having a smear in June this year which was just over 2 years since the last. This one came back as severe dyskariosis, however I still have the hpv which won't shift. Most borderline changes do go back to normal but if it does play on your mind see your gp and insist on a test.

Take care xxx