border linen change and evidence of hpv

HI really worried got this letter and appointment for a colposcopy in 4 weeks time. How do you know what cin level you are does that come through at the coloscopy or would it state on my smear letter. V scared 

hi hun I had borderline changes with hpv in October went for my colo in November and doctor said he couldn't see anything and everything looked fine didn't have to have a biopsy that was 6 months ago I'm ringing my docs on Tuesday to book in for another smear xx

Hi thanks so much for your update. Glad your results were ok. Hope mine are too makes me feel slightly better. Xx

Sorry another question would it say on my smear results if it is high risk hpv. This scared the shit out of me can't stop thinking and worrying. Border line changes but if it wasn't high risk hpv why would they send me for a colposcopy?

my letter didn't say high or low risk as well that's what scares me the most that's y I want to book I for a re smear and the colosomy is just to have a more detailed look at ur cervix we r I the same boat hun when is ur colocopy hope everything goes well keep me updated hun xx

My coloscopy is on the 26th of this month. It's scary isn't it. Can't stop thinking about it. Glad your redits were ok. Let me know how you get on too xx

Also my waiting time for my coloscopy is around 4 weeks is this about the normal waiting time or is this quick. Wish I could think of something else this is over taking my life xx

Also my waiting time for my coloscopy is around 4 weeks is this about the normal waiting time or is this quick. Wish I could think of something else this is over taking my life xx

Aww amanda, it took over my life too... 4 weeks is fine... borderline results are seen as 'routine' so they just fit you in when they can from what i least thats what the gp told me when I was asking about my results. i was told i could wait 34 weeks and that drove me completely crazy-ended up going to a private consultant.  Mine was also borderline with HPV but I was told they only test for high risk strains of hpv-your gp should be able to tell you which strain you tested positive for. I asked for a copy of my lab report so i kno I have HPV type 16 and evidence of other high risk strains but it doesnt define which other strains.

Again, borderline means there are changes to the cells but they dont know if they are significant changes.  As much as I was freaking out, goin for the colposcopy actually made me relax-i was in a way, looking forward to it because to me, it meant that I was going to be looked at properly.  When I spoke with my consultant he said it was possible that HPV 'damage' could be the reson for this.  When I had my colposcopy he found a very minor area of what he said were very mild changes that looked like nothing more than HPV damage as he had suspected or possibly CIN1  and took a biopsy becaue I had had a CIN 1 smear a few years ago (which had apparently returned to normal after 6 months). The biopsy confirmed what he said, yet again and showed 'viral changes only'. 

Hi it's the waiting that's doing me as you just need to know and deal with it best we can. It's great to be able to chat to people on here going through the same thing for help and advise thank you. 

I am going to ring the doctors tomorrow to ask what risk the hpv is thanks again xx

I had my smear results in Oct and my colosmory was end of November and alexs did u have to have treatment for the viral change I had my scolosomy in November and the doc said everything looked fine and he didn't do a biopsy which worries me as I to have borderline and hpv

He  told me he wouldnt do the biopsy if he hadnt seen anything and because i previously had a CIN1 smear, he wanted to be 100% sure of what he was seeing.  I also bled a lot after the biopsy so had to have cauterizing of the area which he said he normally wouldnt bother with as, quite a lot of the time even CIN1 will go back to normal by itself. I wasnt even sent to colposcopy for CIN1 but i wasnt tested for hpv then.

Just spoken to my gp. She has confirmed I have got hpv high risk. Only minimal changes to my cells though so she said they will probably laser them at the coloscopy. Fingers crossed that's all and I will be ok. Just hope they don't find anything else at the coloscopy. Feel bit more releaved talking to my gp

Still v scared only a few days till colposcopy just want answers but scared in case it's worse than diagnosed. Can't sleep  drinking to help me. Maybe over exaggerating things in my own mind  but this is driving me mad. 

After having a colposcopy on Tuesday and biopsy. Suffered sporting since as expected. Now getting a brown discharge  is this normal? Also quite constipated has anyone else suffered with this. Thanks x