Had a phone call earlya saying my boosts have been cancelled my consultant doesnt fink i need them now they were due to start tomoz is this normal x

Hi Helpme

I would say that was good news if they think you don't need to have them.


II do hope so just a long  wait 4 a scan  now is 16 week wait normal 


ppst treatment scan vary as some dr want to wait longer then others to allow more time for healing. The last thing you want is for them to think something is still wrong when it's just your body still healing. 

the radiation keeps working for quite some time after treatment so there is no point in rushing the first scan. Also your extra boosts were cancelled because the dr feels you don't need them as the radiation must be working quite well with you. Especially because of all your side effects. So now just rest up and try your hardest not to worry


Thsnks i am  resting. Loads  as i feel life less i have  always  been a worrier i am gonna  try not to worry as much as it not  good  4 me so glad all the  treatment  over  now  iust  to wait4 my kidney  drains  to  come out. In  bout  4 week's x