Booking an appointment - scared


I have decided to begin taking steps in attending my first smear test, to give a bit of background I am 25, 26 in May this year. I received a letter to attend the smear in August 2013 and have put it out of my mind until now – I don’t know I am just scared stiff (hence my name).

I have done some research and I have found that the smear is best completed in the middle of the menstrual cycle, the thing is that I don’t have a regular cycle – does this matter?

Will my doctor be angry with me that I haven’t booked it before?

I am frightened that I will have a high risk type of HPV because I experienced sexual abuse at a young age (in childhood). Will I be tested for this because I am under 30?

In the smear test do they ask questions about sexual history?

What kind of questions do they ask?

I have read that you are not allowed to douche in the 24 hours before, would I be allowed to wash as normal?

I am frightened to death as I smoke and due to things out of my control had sexual activity at a young age. I am frightened that I am ill.

I am sorry that this is my first post and that it is so heavy





Hello hunny, well done on deciding to go for your smear :) il try and answer some of your questions. Mid cycle is best but that's only because your vaginal mucus is clear and more fluid like. If you are not regular enough to know when the middle is then don't worry at all just book it aslong as your not on ur period. The doc asks if you are sexually active. That's it. They don't ask any further details regarding your sex life. They will ask you when your last period was so they know what day of your cycle the swab was taken. If you feel comfortable doing so then tell the nurse that you experienced abuse as a child, I'm not sure if they will do anything else like other checks but if your worried then maybe ask them, they won't ask details and don't feel you have to tell them either, do what u feel is best. Sorry to hear about what happened too :( yes you can wash as normal, just nothing is to go inside the vagina 24 hours before. (I don't get why people douche anyway :/) the hpv virus is unfortunate to have but don't worry too much about that just yet. If your smear result comes back with mild/borderline changes then it will automatically be hpv tested too then if its positive you will need a colposcopy to look closer at your cervix. If its mild/borderline but hpv negative then you will just go bk to ur gp for another smear probably a year later. If your smear comes bk with any other changes then once again you will go for a colposcopy yet they don't hpv test the higher abnormal smears As they would def need to be taken a closer look at. Don't worry about your smear until you have too tho, it will most probably be normal and then you will be sent on your way until another 3 years later :) good luck darling hope it all goes well. Sorry iv gone on abit ;) xxx

Hi scaredstiff. Welcome to the forums, you have come to the right place if you're feeling worried.

I had my first ever smear test in January (I'm 24). I was really nervous too but I'm glad that I went.

The nurse didn't ask me any questions whatsoever... the only thing she asked was whether I had had a smear test before.

The whole experience was fine, no pain at all. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but I think that was more to do with the fact that I was half naked than the actual procedure. 

My results only took a week to come through and I was told I had mild cell changes and evidence of high risk HPV. Although this has been a really difficult time I have no regrets about going for the smear test and I'm glad that it got picked up ASAP. 

Anyway, chances are that yours will come back normal anyway and you can put it to the back of your mind for another 3 years :)

I hope it all goes well when you have your appointment. Feel free to message me if you have any questions xxx

Hi, Just thought id comment too, the dr will definately not be mad at you for putting it off a little (im sure they will be happy that you have booked in rather than ignore it all together). My smear was done by the nurse and she didnt ask me any question about sexual history etc! and as people have said before the procedure is painfree just try to relax (tell the nurse you are a little nervous - they will help relax you) It will be done before you know it! I put my test off (only by a month) as i was scared what they may find due to family history. My results did show abnormalities that i have now had treatment for and can honestly say i definately will be attending all my smears on time now! x