Booked smear after HPV positive last year

Hello lovely ladies :blush:
So I have just booked my smear test after last years came back as HPV positive but no abnormal cells. I am absolutely petrified :pensive: so much so they are giving me diazepam for the test to calm me down as I’m awful with these things but all the worse after last years results! I have ordered some multivitamins I was taking regularly but then shift work just made that all go squiffy, I have also ordered green tea capsules and tumeric capsules…is there anything else I can possibly do to help my body and hopefully get a negative result? Smear is on 20th September, not sure how long the wait for results are in Somerset at the mo? Xxx

Hi lovely,

I have private gynaecologist and having yearly smear test and colposcopy even if nhs says i don’t need it. This is how it works in my country and still doing all these things when im going there for holidays and it makes me feel safe.
However 2 years with covid i didn’t have the chance to go and i only had my smear test in my GP with hpv positive. I cleared the virus the first time in six months with just been healthy and unfortunately im positive again,the last year because i started drinking a lot. I had my appointment with my private gynecologist 3 months ago when i went back in my hometown and i was so nervous and lots of anxiety and she only told me to think that around 5 years ago we didn’t have hpv screenings, so means we wouldn’t know if we are positive or not. They were only checking about cell changes. The point is that now we are worried a lot for this, when 5 years ago we couldn’t check it and everything was fine.

Its is not easy to stop over thinking but having stess is the worst thing for our immune system. Eat healthy,get yout multivitamins,go for walks and when you really forget about hpv, it will also forget you :blush:. I think there is nothing else you can get. Pretty much we all trying multivitamins, healthy tea and healthy diet. My doctor prescribed me folic acid onse a day and vitamin E twice a day. Last thing you can do is to start reading about the hpv vaccine trials. I strongly believe we will have soon the vaccine and it was one of my doctor’s conversation.

Stay positive and take care :kissing_heart:


There’s a YouTube relaxation to help. Meadow Dance for before and during cervical screening. Maybe that will help make the test easier for you.

As for getting rid of hpv, I think we just have to wait for our bodies to work their magic. There aren’t any Trustworthy research articles that suggest otherwise xx

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I’m the same as u hun although my hpv came through possitive last month so I have like 11 months of worrying I hate it…
Can u keep us posted on your results I see your test was 20th sept I have everything crossed for you :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: