Booked in for 28th :(

I'm booked in for 28th aug at 9am :( as my results came back as high grade dyskaryosis what do they do at the appointment and is it very likely they will remove the cell there and then as it's come back at high grade 


It depends on the size and where abouts the cells are to whether they will remove them on the day. Mine were very close to the edge so mine had to be removed under GA at a later date. Hopefully they will remove them there and then to save you all the waiting.

Good luck hun xx

Thanks Hun I just keep thinking the worse case, I'm worried and scared :(

I know it's terrifying but the colposcopy isn't as bad as you might think. It's just like a smear and it pinches a little when they take the biopsy but apart from that it's ok.

If they do treatmet you'll probably feel the anaesthetic but nothing after that.

It's a worrying time and you are bound to keep thinking worst case but please try to stay positive. High Grade does not mean it's the dreaded C word by any stretch and it is highly likely you'll have on Lletz and that'll be it.

Good luck and keep me updated xx

Hi there - it's completely understandable to be scared, it's all very new and a lot to take it. As Fiona89 has said, I think your treatment will depend on where the cells are, also I think it may also vary between different NHS trusts. When I went for my first appointment, they already knew beforehand that they were going to do LLETZ (I didn't know until I got there)   so if you call the clinic before your appointment, they may be able to let you know if they're planning on doing anything that day. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry, the procedure itself isn't as bad as you think it will be - it's uncomfortable but overall kind of feels like a longer smear test. The nurses are brilliant - I had two at my first one (one at the 'business' end and the other holding my hand to check I was ok) and three at my second one.

In terms of what they actually do, you're placed in a seat with your feet up on the stirrup things (sure they must have a more technical name!) and the nurse will use the colposcope  to identify where the cells are. If they have decided to do LLETZ, they will administer an anaesthetic so you don't actually feel that much at all. There is a screen if you want to watch what's going on (I prefered not to as I'm a bit squeamish) - the biggest surprise was how quickly it's all over and done with. I think from start to finish it was only about 10 mins. 

The nurses are great and will do all they can do address your concerns. If you do feel very anxious you can opt for GA however personally for me, it just would've meant making the experience a lot more prolonged than it needed to be. Afterwards, they do advise you not to drive if you've had an anaesthetic - I took my partner the first time so he drove home but to be honest, I felt absolutely fine to drive. I went to the second LLETZ on my own and drove home without any problems. 

This forum is brilliant for advice, support or just a bit of a rant (usually about how long you have to wait for results! I found this to be worse than the actual procedure!)

Take care xx

Hi thanks I rang the dept and they said I will be having LLETZ