bone scan results updated

Just an update. Got bone scan results. All clear. Whoops!whoops! Feeling great.

Fantastic, brilliant news!  So so pleased for you!  Celebrate!!


Hello Jane,  Great news for you. Can I ask why they did the bone scan - is it routine? can I expect to have one of these in the future?


Great news! xx

Hi Sharon

I've been suffering leg and found lump at top of my leg so my go sent me for bone scan to rule out a return of the dreaded bloody cancer. So more worrying but was all clear. Still don't no why getting pain or what lump is. Hopefully after more test will find out. I'm glad I had bone scan though to put my mind at rest a little. I think having cancer you will always have that worry of it returning. Hope you are well xx

Cheers Cheryl x

Cheers jo