Bone pain

Right on time! Approximately 6 weeks after every check-up I get some new sensation that I stress out about until my next appt. 

This time it's bone pain in my right upper leg. I knew it could happen during treatment however it did not. I am now 1 year out of treatment and all reports have been NED. 

Is it normal to get bone pain this far out?

Thanks in advance for any replies ❤

Yes I was one and half years out  of treatment and got really bad bone pain !!!!   It was so bad I  could hardly put one leg in front of the other without shooting pains.    Got sent for MRI and it tuned out to be hairline fracures caused by the rads !!!!     It wore of in about 6 weeks but I still get my bad days with   the pains returning


I have bone pain boundie it comes and goes I experience it in my hip bone I've put mine down to a bit of arthritis I hope 

anyway there's a lady just been offered something called bisphonate on the living with advanced cancer side to have along side her chemo mix id never heard of this so probs spelt it wrong but did google it and its used for thinning bones as well as bone cancer what I've read about it I think it's worth a question to ask the medical experts I know I'll be asking about it at my next appoitment 

I find mine gets better the more I walk or bike that's the reason why I think it could be arthritis 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx