Boardline changes HPV positive

Hi everyone,

So my story so far…i went for my routine smear test back in january (at the time the nurse asked if the results came back with abnormalities i would need to go for further treatment and asked me which hospital i would like to go to-therefore im
Convinced she saw something right from the word go)

Results came back boarderline changes and high risk HPV and have been reffered for a colopscopy in a months time…

I am going out of my mind with worry,

  • before this we were TTC and now i think thats the end of that and it will never happen for us
  • i must have had HPV for years right as i have been with my current partner for 7 years?
  • if im HPV positive is it only a matter of time before I get cancer? cries

So so worried!!!

Thank you ladies xx

Hi :)


I know its easier said than done but try not worry, If anything its a good thing you're now being kept an eye on! If you have been going for regular smears then thats also a good thing.

From what i've read i think HPV can lay pretty dormant and then all of a sudden come about ( if you've been ill or under strees? ) correct me if im wrong :) and no, this just means that you have HPV it doesnt mean that cancer is 100% on its way.

Sorry you're going through this, hope everything turns out well


Holly x

Hi there

I also had a borderline smear and HPV when I went for my last smear. I have been good and had a regular smear every year since I was 21, and this was my first ever abnormal result. I guess I am a lot older than you (45!)

As Holly said, HPV can lie dormant for ages and not do much. You also have to bear in mind that they don't bother to test for HPV unless the smear result shows abnormal cells, so it could have been there before but not tested for, so you would not have known.

Having high risk HPV does not mean that you will get cancer. The reason that the screening program takes an interest in it is that most cases of CC also have high risk HPV present, so it is quite reasonable that when they see cell changes plus HPV, they take it seriously and get rid of it. However, it is not the case that everyone who has HPV gets CC, far from it.

When you go for the colposcopy, they will do more diagnostic tests, to assess the level of any cell changes. It's quite fine, just like a slightly longer smear test. If the cell changes prove to be mild, they may well sort themselves out and you will probably be asked to return for another smear test in 6 months to make sure. If they are moderate or severe, you will be offered a LLETZ treatment to remove the offending cells.

As for trying for a baby, the LLETZ procedure can cause a slightly elevated risk of premature birth, but there are plenty of people out there who have had LLETZ and still gone on to have a family. It really should not affect your chances of that  happening.

If all of this is making you really anxious, you could call the hospital where they will do your colposcopy and see if they can bring your appointment forwards a bit. They do get quite a few cancellations, so it might be possible, and at least you'd know what the deal is sooner rather than later.

I know it's hard, but deep breath, chances of it being anything serious really are very, very small.

** hugs **