Boarderline result with evidence of HPV infection

Hi everyone,

I had my first smear 3 years ago. It came back Boarderline with no HPV infection so I was told to come back for my routine smear 3 years later. I am 28 and had my second smear test done 26/05 and I received my results on Friday. I am very worried as it says I have boarderline changes and my test showed evidence of HPV infection. I have been told that I will receive a letter with an appointment for a colposcopy to see if treatment is needed. How long should I have to wait on receiving my letter to attending my appointment? Any idea what to expect? Also, if they take a biopsy how long does it take to stop bleeding and heal? 

Healthwise, other than this I am fine, I eat healthily, keep active and go to the gym at least 2 times a week. I have no pain ot bleeding from sex even though I did bleed a bit during my smear and the nurse told me this was normal and quite common.

Also, I am a keen scuba diver and I have a week long scuba diving holiday booked at the start of August. I also have some training in 2 weeks time. I have read that you shouldn't bath or swim for 4 weeks after any treatment so any treatment prior to this could ruin my trip. Should I need treatment, will it be ok to wait and to have it after my holiday mid August time?

Any advice would be very much appreciated xx

The best thing for you to do, is speak to your colposcopist at your appointment. You may not require any treatment, so it's best not to worry and just wait until they take a look. I have had two LETTZ treatments and they were both fine. Everyone is different but I healed really quickly with not much bleeding. I have avoided swimming, baths, sex and tampons for 4 weeks after each treatment, which was the advice I was given. They also advise not to fly within 6 weeks of having a treatment as any complications may not be covered by your insurance. 

In my experience, the letters from the colposcopy dept have always arrived fairly quickly but you can always call them if you're worried.



Hi Edaj,

i receives my my colposcopy appointment letter the day after I received my results (originally it was booked for 6 weeks after but they changed it to a week after- i think they must of had a cancellation). My results were low grade dyskaryosis with the high risk hpv. With boarder line or low grade they won't rush the appointment through so you're probably looking at 4-6 week wait. The colposcopy its self is ok- just a long and more detailed smear test with a couple more nurses around. The biopsy (for me) felt like a pinch which I felt for the rest of the day but soon wore off. I was on my period at the time of appointment (yay for being a woman) and notice more bleeding and lasted a few more days but nothing major. I wasnt treated- the colposcopy and biopsy confirmed my smear results. With low grade changes they adopt the watch and wait procedure due to my body will more than likely clear itself. So will have another smear in a year to check it. 

Hope that's some help for you :)

Hi Edaj, as the ladies above said, its unlikely you will need treatment this time round. Even if you had CIN1, they would leave it 6-12 months to see will it heal on its own.

I believe a biopsy heals pretty quickly, so wouldn't affect your holiday. Hope the results come back good x

Thanks :),

Got my colostomy letter today. It is on the 26th so a month after the smear.