Blue spot found during smear test

Hi everyone,

I’m 25 and went for my first smear test on Friday. After the test the nurse showed me lots of pictures of different cervix’s and said yours doesn’t look like this so nothing to worry about. But she said however there is a blue spot on your cervix! Well I then passed out because I was so scared in the first place I didn’t expect her to say that. She said it could be to do with the fact I’ve been on the combined pull since I was 16. I also looked it up and it can be a type of endometriosis. Has anyone else been told they have a blue spot on their cervix after a smear test? I’m going crazy and can’t even face leaving the house I’m so worried.

Hi @Hannahst I hope you got the results of your smear back and all is OK? I had a similar experience. After telling the nurse my (worrying) symptoms, she said she’d have a good look at my cervix when she was doing my smear. She told me I looked a bit sore and aggravated, nabothian cysts on my cervix (common and completely harmless) and that I had a slight ‘blue tinge’ to my cervix. Ofc i googled this as soon as I got home and there was a lot of info about this being signs of early pregnancy. I’m not pregnant - with 100% certainty - and found it’s also a sign of increased blood flow to an area.

My smear was clear but I was referred to gynae due to symptoms. Transvaginal ultrasound showed a 3cm cyst on my left ovary. I went home and didn’t feel reassured this was the cause of my symptoms (he also felt it was hormonal and changed my pill), so I requested a colposcopy and biopsy.

I had the colposcopy today. 3 small abnormal areas have been biopsied and sent for analysis. I’ve been told these are highly likely other strains of HPV which are unconcerning. Results will take 4-6 weeks.