Bloody smear

Hi all,

I had a smear the other day after pushing for one for a while (I had to go private!) my last one was 1 1/2 yrs ago and came back boarder line no hpv. the doctor was so lovely as I sat there weeping over the stress of it all! So we got cracking on the test, she inserted the speculum and said nice healthy cervix… I’ll give it a clean to get a clear result… As soon as she did it started bleeding… Apparently quite a bit which she said may affect the smear but fingers crossed. She did theists for infection but they are fine. I have no idea why my cervix bled and can’t really get any answers ! Google have provided me with dreaded news and I’m scared :frowning: I have bad anxiety which I have had for about a year which the doctor said I need to address after this.
Has anyone had bleeding on contact?

Sallyt xx

Hi hun sorry you've not had a response and I'm Afraid I don't have the answers but just wanted to send a hug and hope your OK. Have you had your results back yet? Xx

Hi hun, 

I had bleeding during my first smear today and I'm still bleeding now. Wasn't expecting it to hurt at all and I don't embarrass easy so I wasn't too fussed that she was fishing around down there  (guess not many could say that but I go for regular waxes so I think nothing of it). My God was the pain bad!! Not when the speculum went in, but as soon as she opened it. She told me I was bleeding and I saw the brush was covered, but she said it should be okay and didn't look bothered in the slightest. I just assumed it was normal and from what I've read online - loads of people bleed after. I'm just a bit worried that something else may be wrong as I'm still in a lot of pain :( 

I'm sure we're worrying over nothing - it's all so scary and I've been reading so many things about the age being too high lately and googling, so it's worried me too. 

Big hugs!

Stacey  x