Blood on cervix during smear test

I went for my 6 months follow up smear test i and when the nurse started the procedure she saw blood on cervix and it was very painful

She waited 5 minutes and inserted again and the blood was again there she showed me she said may be you are having early periods as my date is after 8-10 days

Is it normal?worried and crying i waited for this test so long after LLETZ done in Jan 2021and results were all clear after LLETZ

I often had blood on my smear tests but they were normal. I think it was from an ectropian which is harmless. Try not to worry, I don’t think it’s neccessarily indicitave of anything bad.

One of the most assuring comment i read since last 24 hours to be honest I thank you alot :two_hearts: coz i am worried since yesterday as the nurse did not complete the smear test which i was desperately waiting after 6 months of LLETZ to see how my body progressed with this virus after removing all abnormal cells from my cervix in January 2021

Now she wants me to wait for my periods to come and she will do another smear in start of August :sweat::sweat:

I has this also lady said it can happen x hope your OK x