Blood in urine

I haven't posted for s long time.  It may sound stupid, but I have OCD, which prevents me posting. or even going on websites.


Anyway, I finished chemoradiation May 2012.  Had a very bad time during treatment.  Suffered terribly with bowel problems.  I have been well since, just have urgency when I need a poo.  Just before Christmas I started to pass blood in my urine.  Just sometimes, but when I did it was obvious.  My gp dent away for a culture, but it was ok.  It then did it again, so my Dr arranged for a cytology test.  I waited all over Christmas and New Year for the results, which was horrible.  We all know whar waiting is like!!!  Well, I got my results, and it said 'No Malignant cells'.  I was so relieved.  I spend all my time Googling I can't stop worrying.  I am so worried that it is Cancer.  My Dr. says she thinks it is radiation cystitis,


Does anyone know anything about radiation cystitis?  Has anyone had anything like this?


Thank you for reading.  I would love y=to hear from anyone who can offer advice.



Hi April1965, a close friend of mine had chemo radiation & brachytherapy. Fairly often she would have blood in the urine when treatment was over. She was told that this was as a result if the radiation  & it would seem that this is pretty common. I hope things improve for you very soon. Take care of you. Xx

Thank you for your reply Celtic girl.  I was worried that no one had replied yet.

Hi April,

Sometimes waiting for a response to a post on this forum is almost as nerve-wracking as waiting for test results. It's not as instant as many other forums, but that is because there are fewer of us here. Anyway, just to say that I am sorry for your recent worry. My sister has had blood in her urine, she has never had cancer or treatment (naturally) and she was told that sometimes women of a cerain age do just have a bit of blood in their urine. As you can imagine, my perfectly healthy sister was worried sick for a while waiting for test results just like the rest of us.

Be lucky


Yep...radiation cystitis is very very common and causes blood in the urine, caused by an irritated bladder! Absolutely nothing to worry about...try lots of water, cranberry juice and cranberry capsules as well as ibuprofen if you can take them as they will help reduce inflammation! Be well xxx

Thank you Helswerld.  Is it something you have experience with?


I have been told I have to have a cystoscopy which is really panicking me.  They have said it is probably radiation cystitis, but can be cancer.

Hi Oh yes I know all about blood in urine! Last March I was hospitalized for a total of 11 days with blood in urine.  I had massive clots as well which were difficult to pass. I was on a foley catheter for ages, and at nightime a nurse would give me a flush because i could feel all the clots building up. It just did not want to stop! Eventually I had a ct scan and a cystoscopy under anaesthetic, where they repaired a very small blood vessel and also took biopsies.

Eventually all was clear it was radiation damage. I now only drink water and green tea occasionally and mostly hot water with a slice of lemon. I have tripled my fluid intake, and also i was told under no circumstance use cranberry. It is fine for uti's however the lining of your bladder is very sensitive now and cranberry can irritale it.I know cranberry has a high sugar content so if your diabetic do not use it, also other fruit drinks such as orange and grapefruit are best avoided. Your best friend is water, and I love my hot water with slice of lemon!

Thank you Katie.  I had my ultrasound and cytoscopy on Monday, all seemed well.  There were quite a few new blood vessels in the bladder and the dr thought it could be that.  They have now referred me for blood tests and a ct scan.


I pray that all os ok.


I have changes to decaf tea, tried to up my fluid intake.  I drink water in the summer, but at this time I just want a warm drink.


Do you find the lemon irritates the bladder? as the citric acid.


Hiya, just found this thread after looking for someone with similar symptoms to me. I had the chemo/radiation/brachy treatment for 2bcc in 2010 and only in the past month have had radiation cystitis symptoms. Also blood in urine, which freaks me out each time, and burning sensation.  I was told I need to have a cystoscopy but not sure what to expect and what possible treatments I might be offered.  How did yours go and have your symptoms settled down?

Hope you´re feeling much better


Oterlie x