blood in urine/painful pee!

Sorry in advance for the Tmi!! 

I had a lletz four weeks ago and everything was relatively simple. Very little discharge and only bled for about a week. However for the past few days whenever I pee it feel like my lady bits are going to fall off!! The pressure is horrible and I have now noticed blood in my wee too... I thought it could have been a water infection but I drink water all day everyday!! Tia for the help ladies!! Xx

Ouch you poor thing. I'd definitely speak to your GP, or it might be worth calling the colposcopy clinic to discuss. I imagine whatever it is will be easily fixed, but I suppose it could be a infection or UTI/cystitis which you'd want to have nipped in the bud. It might be that the blood looks like it's in your wee but it's actually coming from the healing area of the cervix, if that makes sense? Hope you feel much better soon! xxx