Blood in stool

TMI! I have blood in my stool and I’m wondering if that is a sign of recurrence? It’s not alot and I’m hoping it’s scar tissue but of course I’m going crazy. Anyone else ever experience this??


I sometimes have a bit of blood in my stools  but I get a lot of piles since I've finished the chemo mix and it seems to be just as I've got rid of them so it only happens once  is this something you suffer from 

is it constant or just now and again ? 

try not to worry and see if it stops but if it is worring  you speak to your CNS nurse 

have faith that your scan in oct was all clear 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi boundie

if there is no simple explanation that you can attribute this too... such as,

hard stool, something in your stool that did not digest completely and scratched you, diarrhea that has cause inflammation, a giagantic poop that could have caused a small tare. Then....

i would definatly mention it to your team and let them have a good look at you. 

However, be prepared to be very specific. Was it a straight line down the side of the stool or was it bleeding when you went? You can also wash your hands thourghly and put some oil/lube on your finger and just check the sphincter inner rim and see if it is just a small tare from going to often or having constipation. Usually a tare is at the back not towards the front. This is common and is called an anal fissure. The cell structure of your skin has changed in this area just as inside your vagina opening and can now rate more easily. I was told after treatment not to push to hard and that it takes along time for this area heal as the blood flow is limited. I had huge issues during treatment with piles and when I eventually figure out how not to run constantly to the loo they warned if I get constipated it could cause an anal fissure so to be carful. 

Hope that helps you a bit. 

Thanks ladies! I'm waiting for my nurse to call me back after talking to my oncologist and radiologist. 

I also have a PET scan scheduled for Monday so I won't have a long wait for answers. 

It isn't happening every time but WOW it sure triggered my anxiety in a hurry. I suppose it will be like this any time something new happens. At least for awhile. Trying not to focus or obsess for the time being!

Hi. I get it sometimes and I ask at EVERY check up. I've been told it's probably the after effects of radiotherapy and if the bleeding becomes a problem they can refer me to someone.  


I get it too now and again, the first time it happened I totally freaked out, I had an appointment a week later and mentioned it, my consultant told me not to worry unless it becomes a lot and constant.

Hi Boundie I couldn't read and run. You know the radiation stuffs up a lot of things in there. My guess is you've got friable tissue in the lining of your bowel that bleeds easily. A PET on Monday eh? That's enough to put the wind up anybody. Mine is in a fortnight and it looms like a Dementor. Hard to relax really. Post away as much as you need if it helps. We are here

Thanks again!

I am forever grateful to hear there are other options than the recurrence my anxiety tells me it is. 

My scan was originally scheduled the first week of April however was moved to this Monday. I have mixed feelings about it. In some ways I'm happy it's sooner than later but super anxiety woman has questions about why it's earlier! So much fun. 

That being said,  I'm grateful I can recognize the irrational thoughts rather than feed them today!

Jayne I'll be praying for positive results for you :)