Blood Clots post LLETZ


Sorry if tmi but
I am 11 days post having my 3rd LLETZ, this time under GA. Since day two I have been bleeding bright red blood and from yesterday this has got heavier with big clots (2/3inches in size). I am changing my pad every 2/3 hours so not at a level to need to go to a&e (I don’t want to waste their time as very busy). My question is if you did have clots post LLETZ how long it it go on for?

Hi, im 15 days in from having it done for the 1st time and just today, ive experienced the clots.
Its rather scary

Hi, so I’ve recently had a biopsy and been experiencing the same. I had to call my GP for advice. She said the flow should slow and that as long as your seeing clots and a darker red blood that means your body is trying to heal. Although it doesn’t sound great that your changing pads that often. I would seek advice from GP or your GA nurse and go from there.