Blood clot injections after hystermectomy!

I’m just slightly worried, I had my surgery last Friday and I’m happy that I’m doing well but I have no injections or tablets to take for blood clots, is this right? I had 1 both nights I was in hospital but they said once I leave I won’t need any more but everybody I speak to seems to inject them self everyday.
Is this right?

Hi Jo

if you're really worried why don't you ring your CNS and ask her advice that's what she's there for.


Hi Jo,

So pleased to hear that the op went well and hope you continue to make good progress. I had a laparascopic radical hysterectomy and had to inject myself for a month in total. I agree that it might be worth checking with your nurse. Protocol does seem to vary but it would be interesting to hear their rationale. I'm guessing because it was laparascopic and you were up and about very soon, they may reckon the chances of blood clots are very slim?

Hope you can really enjoy your Christmas