Blood and infection

Hi i had the lettz on 11th so im 10days post lettz im just wondering when you are out of the danger mark for heavy bleeding and infection the leaflet they gave me says 2week but then other ladies have got infections 3rd week just confused any insight into this would be much appreciated thank you xx


I had heavy bleeding both times round about 10-14 days. Second time was an infection 


I visited an out of hours gp service on Sunday (11 days post Lletz), she said now is the most common time for infection? 

I have experience offensive discharge since Wednesday so I read a strange smell can be present but it got worse... then Friday I had a bleed, I started to get back ache and discomfort in my groin. 

She said it was obvious I had an infection, she examined me, completed swabs and prescribed me antibiotics. Are you feeling unwell? 



20/11/18 Routine smear 

01/12/18 Letter in post- abnormal results high grade changes 

05/12/18 Colposcopy appears as CIN3 and Biopsies taken 

24/12/18 Recieved a letter stating my results are going to MDT (28/12) as my biopsy results are inconclusive 

31/12/18 Recieved a phone call deciding to go ahead with treatment from discussion at MDT

08/1/19  Lletz treatment, found to have a very short cervix and awaiting results 


20/1/19 Post Lletz Infection 

Hi both no im not feeling unwell or had any bleeding im just wondering roughly when out of that danger mark i feel as though im waiting for it to happen im 10days post lettz 

Hi lewis89

 Did the dr say when your less risk of infection im scared of the bleeding and getting infection it seems to be taking over me 

No sorry she didn’t. 

Are you anxious you are getting one? 


I dont think its that common to have heavy bleeding and infection. It might appear that way on this forum because people (me included) tend to post about the worse stuff.  But those that heal fine with no complications probably dont come on here and talk about it. 



Hi lewis89 and meraud

Hope you both ok yeh im just scared of getying one lewis and i no what you mean meraud i guess they dont i phoned the hospital today to see if results was in im 12days post lettz today the reception women said i would have a letter at the end of week (today is wednesday) but thats all they would tell me does this sound good or bad xx


I've given up trying to second guess what results will by the time that it takes for the results to come back, or whether it comes via letter or an appointment etc. I think it all depends on who is dealing with your case, they seem to have different approaches. And different consultants have different secretaries (some more helpful than others).

The waiting is by far the hardest part of all this and hopefully you dont have much longer to go xx 

Hi I have been diagnosed with an infection today 2 weeks after lletz procedure. Been given antibiotics and hope they work soon. Abdomen feels like it is on fire and I smell like I'm rotting (I may be exaggerating the smell but I am getting paranoid to stand near anyone at work. I am still waiting for. Results after having CIN3 cells removed and, getting more anxious by the day. Hoping they come through soon. Feel like I am putting things on hold in case I need any further procedures. 

Hi  Meraud,

I had the Silver nitrate and the the beeding was not stoped and now i had a pack and 2nd time infection with antibiotics and taking Tranexamic Acid. I was reading your history and i wanted to ask you where you had the small tumor. I have a CT scan planed next week. 

Thank you