Blood after sex


Two years ago I had smear test results that came back abnormal followed by a colposcopy that came back fine. I was also diagnosed with hpv.

I’ve had sharp, sore pains in my uterus (?) for at least a couple of years. It can be nasty so I had swabs done last Tuesday. I’ve had urine tests done several times over that time but they all came back fine.

I’ve come on this forum because I just had sex with my husband and afterwards I found a bit of fresh blood on the tissue I used in the bathroom. Sorry if TMI! I’ve never ever had blood before and I had this weird feeling in my gut when I saw it because it looked so alien to me.

Could this have anything to do with my initial abnormal tests or the HPV? Can women request an early smear test (I’m not due for another year) or would my GP surgery think I’ve over worrying myself?

There's many reasons you may have blood, -  for one it could be a cervical ectropian which is harmless.  However you must never ignore bleeding after intercourse.  Particularly since you have had abnormal resilt in the past and know you have HPV.  I would definitely request ether a smear or a referral to a gynocologist to be on the safe side.  Don't worry though, as you are up to date with yours smears it is unlikley to be anything sinister.  

Thank you Nellie, I'm going to see if I can book an appointment this Monday. I'll try not to worry in the meantime!