Block it out. Just keep swimming

In the words of dory
Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming
Truth be told I’m drowning.
Treatment tomorrow and I’m bloody bricking it.
Not sleeping great for the last week. Always knackered. Feeling sicky.
Got pains in groin and belly. ( stress no doubt)
Fed up of painting on the fake smile, I’m OK.
But at the same time don’t want to be a all about me attention seeking
Just having a wobble
Thanks for reading


You can do this… if I did it so can you!
Bigs hugs xx :heart:

Good luck for tomorrow xxx
Sending love, you can do this! Keep us posted x

Good luck for tomorrow :heart:

Totally can relate w you. Another chemo round tomorrow and I’m still feeling drained at the moment. Just want you to know you’re not alone, sending big hugs and lots of love. We got this!xx

Hi, good luck and stay strong. So many people by your side! xx

Keep going you can get through it.
It is totally doable.