so i got my LLETZ tuesday last week but this week i'm getting a lot of black (I mean like tar..very very black not blood at all) and also am very bloated and sore especially in my lower belly. has anyone else experienced this?



I had not black but quite dark discharge and pain which turnt out to be an infection. If your worried just go to your gp anti biotics will clear it up. I had a course and much better now xx

Hi ClaireAnna

You are about a week ahead of me but I remember last time, after about 10 days lots of black bits started to appear, which I think is the scab which forms over your surgery site starting to fall off. I then bled like a light period for a further 2 weeks. The last week was an on and off panty liner kind of deal. In short pretty much all the colours of the rainbow. A hot water bottle was my bestest friend. Hope you are doing ok, I found the waiting to get my results the worst part x x

Thanks both. It's not just black bits but also black disscharge like when I wipe (sorry for the tmi). I guess I'll just give it time but it's not letting up!