Bloating/abdominal pain


I am at the doctor waiting for an MRI scan… I have been having pelvic/abdominal pain for over a week and it has gotten significantly worse. I am afraid of a recurrence. And I am just trying to breathe through this. The medical staff here at the cancer clinic where I am being seen are not very empathetic. It feels so cold and clinical and I just don’t understand that… how people can be so disconnected and not express some compassion. They said that they are backed up with the schedule so I may be waiting all day, which I understand but I just wish they were nicer. :pleading_face:


I understand very well unforfunately. I’m not from the UK and when I was diagnosed I stayed in hospital for a few days to have my biopsy but my tumor was already visible so I knew it. Not one doctor or nurse smiled, offered words of compassion, nothing. My oncologist also told me once that my MRI was ok, but let’s see what my chest CT will show all while smiling… she told me about reccurence each and every time i visited the hospital, i cried for days … her nurse even told me stuff like that.

So i hear you, i see you. Have faith. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Keeping you in my prayers. Please keep us posted!

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Thank you so much for the response. It means a lot to me right now. I am in the clinic/hospital room and just feel so alone in it all. My friends and family live far away and my boyfriend is traveling out of town. I don’t understand why the medical staff can’t be more compassionate. It almost makes you feel like you are inconveniencing them by trying to access treatment. It is so unreal. I am not in the UK either - I am in the US. Makes me wish I could work here so I could at least offer people some kindness and empathy. Seems like a simple way to really make a difference in a person’s experience, especially when dealing with cancer, but really with any health situation. It sure would help me right now… :cry:


Oh I so agree. The thing is that it really doesn’t take much at all to be nice. Especially in health care when people are mostly going through something very stressful.
I hope you got it done in the end and can get home safe and sound.
I had my MRI last week and I’m the horrible waiting game. Wishing the 3 of us lots of luck. I’m trying to stay busy but my heart leaps every time I get a phone call or message….

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Oh, thank you for your message. It helps to connect with both of you from afar during such a challenging time. I hope we all get good news! :pray::crossed_fingers::heartpulse:


Keep going stay positive.
Thinking about you.

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