Bloated... is it normal?


I had my Colposcopy 8 days ago and ever since I seem to be really bloated and constipated (sorry Tmi!). Is this normal?

I am having all the other lovely things such as constant watery discharge and slight blood but I didn’t know if the bloating was also linked.

I think I have seen this Colposcopy as quite a normal thing to have done and expected my body to just be quite normal afterwards, can anyone help with how much they actually take away as in my mind I am thinking its the same as a biopsy but I am soon figuring out its not!

I've got all this then get to sit and wait for the results! I wish they would provide more information when they do the colposcopy!!

Also, what happens if they haven't managed to take everything away? I went form CIN1 to CIN2 in less than 2 months and I am nervous that they could have missed something and not catch it for a few months!

Sorry if i sound grumpy... I am just fed up now!

Any help would be appreciated :)






Did you have a LLETZ at the colposcopy? I think LLETZ is often associated with feeling bloated afterwards. I can't see why that should be, as it's not in your intestines that they do anything, but I have definitely read that it's a possible after-effect. If you've taken co-codamol or similar painkillers (containing codeine) they can cause constipation?

I think a cervical biopsy is usually a millimitre or two across, whereas with LLETZ they can take away, on average, a finger-tip size portion of your cervix. Also, they will examine the tissue that they cut out to make sure there are clear margins: a small area of healthy tissue around the abnormal tissue. This way they know they have got it all. They do treat it like a biopsy in that sense (examining the tissue). If they're not convinced they got it all, they will call you back in. I think it's usually a six-week wait for that. Hope you feel much better soon. Apologies if I misunderstood and you didn't have a LLEZT! xxx


Thank you so much for the reply, it's made me feel a little more normal!

Yes, I probably should have said that I had LLETZ! I didn't really think it was much different but then think that a 4 week healing period is actually really long! 

I'm keeping everything crossed for my results and can't wait to stop feeling as bloated and leaking (sorry, I know it's grim).

Take care, I see from your signature you're waiting results, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too! 


I suppose a four week healing process is quite long. I think your attitude of it beign quite a normal thing to have done, is a healthy attitude, though! I feel like it's good to think that way. It's the way of thinking I want to get myself into! I hope you do feel better soon; it's not nice feeling below-par. Probiotics, bio yoghurt etc. may help perhaps? Certainly won't do any harm.

Thank you for the crossed fingers :D I am going a bit mad waiting to be honest even though I know it should only be CIN1/2, so the only outcome is LLETZ or no LLETZ. I'm just a nervous person! :) xx

:( The wait is the worse thing! I am sure you will be absolutely fine, try not to worry yourself into a wreck hun.

If you do have LLETZ, the LLETZ procedure wasn't horrific for me luckily! I have read some girls having a really bad experience but mine was very similar to the biopsy. Which, is a positive really. I have just struggled with the healing process and all the yucky stuff afterwards.

The only way I am thinking healthily as there is nothing I can do to control the outcome. I am a very "what will be, will be" person. I am just so glad I didn't avoid my smear & I am really promoting them even nore now - and using me as an example.

All the best Pineapple x