Bloated following lletz


I had lletz 4 days ago now and am feeling so bloated.. in a pregnant looking way! I am hoping to be back at work next week but I wear a uniform and at the moment my trousers won't do up..they would last week (with spare room). Does anyone have any suggestions please.. I've been walking the dog and just pottering round the house, I haven't done anything to heavy yet as it makes the discharge worse!  I don't want to have a sicky cause I'm too fat get in my work clothes! Any help would be fab. Thank you. x

Hi there, yes I was terribly bloated after my LLETZ and it took me a month or so to feel unbloated. 

Some of it was my stomach though from stress, this might be the case for you maybe? A friend of mine recommended peppermint capsuals and I started taking them twice a day - wow what a difference even after just a few days! As for the uterus type swellif/bloat, I felt like heat patches and hot water bottles helped, as did drinking a lot of water and going on gentle walks. 

Hope that helps, feel better soon. Lucy x