Anyone else seriously bloated after LLETZ? I had it on Friday and this bloat is not going down. 

Going to my sister in law's wedding on Sunday and have a lovely dress to wear - it doesn't look good with a pot belly :-/


Hi Lucy,

Just wanted to wish you a lovely day on Sunday with or without a little friend under your frock :-)

Be lucky


Hi Jelly Bean. 


The past two days, I have blown up like a balloon! So much so, people have made comment at work (I work in a male dominated environment and its all said in jest) but it's making me self conscious. 

I had my lletz on 01/12/14 and am waiting for the biopsy results. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone with the bloating. It's my works Christmas do on Friday and I feel your pain with choice of clothing as my dress also does not look fabulous with a pot belly :-( I hope you have a lovely time on Sunday

Natasha x

Hehe thanks Tivoli - I'm hoping I won't need one underneath but I think I will at this rate. Ah well, tent dress it is! 

Awaiting my hystology report on the tumour buto hopefully get that on thurs or Friday this week so at least that will be out the way so I can enjoy myself.

I hope you're doing well and looking forward to Xmas xx

Oh Natasha those blokes just say stuff without thinking, i hope they all look like bloody Brad Pitt so they can pass judgement - jest or not! ;-)

Yuck this bloat is horrible, it's just not going down. Ah well, I have my 'tent' dress on standby, let's hope it's gone by then so I don't have to wear it.

Hope your tummy gowas down by Friday and you have a fab time! Lucy xx

He he, they're not quite Brad Pitt unfortunately ;-) 

Thank you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you hoping your bloating goes down also. 

Natasha xx