Yes it’s me again, I have so many questions and niggles lol…

I’ve got huge open blisters on my tummy, is it safe to still have radiotherapy over them?

My ‘team’ did absolutely nothing to prevent them from forming, they only recommended a cream (Zerobase) at the end of the second week when the blisters started to form. Obviously with the radiotherapy they got worse until a doctor on the ward prescribed Betnovate for them. That was on Friday, I’ve been using it over the weekend and it hasn’t made any difference, I still have huge open blisters/ulcers in the radiation field (3 main ones are about 4-5cm diameter) …is it safe to have radiotherapy over them? Obviously, I’m going to have to anyway, but I’d like to know the risks, if there are any.

Suki x

Oh Suki, you really are going through the mill. Sending you lots of hugs and strength. I don’t know the answer to this but I would ask to see a senior or experienced radiotherapist to ask a few questions. The priority is treating the cancer, but you really need the best care for your skin whilst your immune system may be susceptible to infection. Lots of love and luck.

Hi Suki, me again. I had the same exact thing happen, except the blisters (burns) were on my inner thighs (unfortunately right where the elastic for underwear would touch). It was extremely painful, as I imagine yours is. I’m so sorry you have to go through this on top of the radiation.

In my case, I had my radiation oncologist look at them and treat them (with a silver-based ointment). I was still able to receive treatment.

The burns healed completely about 2 weeks after radiation was over, and there is no sign of them today.

Trust that this is only temporary.

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