Just over 4 weeks post lletz and biopsy, they saw a lesion at my colposcopy. And I'd been diagnosed with high grade severe dyskariosis.

Symptoms before were; bleeding and quite achey lower back (sometimes quite painful). Still getting all of this and I'm also anaemic. This was going on for a long time, I'm uneducated with CC so just put it down to being a woman so didn't go to a doc. Also only went to my smear when I was invited.

I've finally started doing exercise again, as bleeding is tailing off. However, only raised my HR slightly and keep feeling like I'm going to konk out, am wiped and have a painful lower back post exercise. I'm eating right, taking my iron tablets and sleeping well. Not sure what on Earth I'm doing wrong?! 

I hate to be a drama queen, am currently abroad and sometimes feel like I'm going to pass out. 


Does anyone have any advice? I think getting my results back would also settle my mind. But alot of alarm bells are going off for me right now.