Hi all, just wondering if anyone had bleeding during chemoradiation. I haven’t had any bleeding since I started treatment its a bright red colour(mostly) sorry if TMI! Pains / cramps in pelvis apart from this still very well apart from a bit of diarrhoea…!!

Hi yes I had a bit of bleeding 

I was just seen yesterday by the oncologist who is planning my brachy part of my treatment. I just started my treatment this past Monday I asked her if I will get my scheduled period that is due this week and she said I will defiantly get this one and possibly 1 more. She said that it is quite common to get your regular period up until you are finished the brachy that is done at the end of your treatment. Is it possible that this is just your period?  She also mentioned that it is common to have bleeding throughout your treatment even if you are older and have already started menopause. I'm 38 so I wasn't menopausal but I guess I will be soon enough. First week almost done and so far I feel great!

thanks everyone ....definately think its my period thinking about it I havent had any bleeding since  I started treatment 3 and a half weeks ago so it would be about right that I would be due a period around this time.... I didnt think I would get it ...will probably be my last one.