So I had stopped bleeding for a few weeks but by god it's come back with avengence, I'm in soo much pain that the painkillers my doctor gave me isn't doing anything. I'm also using a hot water bottle. 

I'm taking solpodol at the moment but like i say they aren't doing very much. Anyone of u lovely ladies have any other suggestions? 

Thanks Nicola x 

Hi there 

I would contact your gp for some advice - sudden bleeding again could be a sign of infection . I had the same thing . Best to just get it checked. Hope this helps xx

Hi thanks for the reply. I never actually thought about it being an infection just thought it was maybe just the side effects from cc. I did have a lot of bleeding but it stopped and now has come back again. Sorry for the TMI lol but I've had to change my trousers twice as have leaked through and thats wearing thick pads too. 

Thanks again Nicola x 

Hi Nicola,

i was like you 5 years ago with such heavy bleeding some days that I was scared to go to bed as I knew I would soak the mattress. I became anaemic as a result and needed a blood transfusion before I started treatment. 

5 years later, I am cancer free! 

when do you start treatment? 

It will get better as soon as you start treatment. I did not stop bleeding on day one of radiotherapy but things improved gradually and, eventually, midway through treatment I stopped bleeding completely. it is different for everybody. Your symptom is heavy bleeding.

Whilst having treatment I met someone who was a 2b like me but her main symptom was constant pain in her hip that would not respond to painkillers. 

Stay strong,


big hugs,



Hi I start treatment either the week of the 16th or 23rd, I'll know for definite when I meet the consultant on the 5th.

I got tablets before when I was bleeding and they helped anyway spoke to the doc on the phone and he's left a prescription for me for the tablets and other painkillers,he's given me tramadol. He also said if the bleeding continues to go to a & e. 

Mel I feel ur pain i really do. Its not a nice thing at all plus it totally drains u but they tablets will help though. How are u getting on with them?


Sorry Mel just realised u said they have calmed things down which is good but I totally understand u panicking when u go to the toilet incase u are bleeding, I'm the same but hopefully it will get better,no infact I'm sure it will get better. 

Keep ur chin up 

Nicola x 

Hope you get on with the Tramadol. They made me very spacy......


Well that's what I'm thinking as Ive took them before and they made me high as a kite but I'm going to try just taking one with paracetamol and hopefully I that will help without getting spaced out lol. 

Nicola x 

Hi Mel

I had those ones too and after they finished the bleeding stopped well up until now so maybe we might have to take them up until treatment. I know it's hard trying to keep things together, When my boyfriend is not around that's when I feel it the worse I hate him going home and wish he could stay all the time but I'm trying not to rely on him too much though. What helps me when I'm in those moods is cycling,I've just started a few weeks back as my brother left his bike at my mums and hadn't used it so I took it and I have to say that's been my savour,it makes me feel like a big kid zooming along the long streets so u should try taking up a hobby that u enjoy. My advice to u is get out and do the things u enjoy. I'm out most of the time going to the pub and gigs Infact I've got a Halloween gig on Frid and its fancy dress so will have to get a costume for that then I have a party on Sat at my brothers so basically I'm trying to get out and enjoy myself before the treatment starts. 

When is it that u get ur results. 

Big hugs Nicola x 

Mel, my mum has Squamous... its the most common of all cervical cancers. Its very TREATABLE.... that was the word i was told a million times over by different people x


Hi Mel

Im not entirely sure I suppose I will find that out on the 5th, the reason I know my grade etc as my nurse who was at the MDT meeting phoned and gave me a quick update. 

Try not think like that though as it will drive u mad, I did think the same as my last smear was 14 years ago so im thinking it could have been there for years and it could have spread but my scans come back clear but again t will get discussed in further detail on the 5th. Stay strong as u have come this far and we are all here whenever u need us. 

Keep ur chin up. Nicola x 

That's no problem. It's normal to be scared, I'm scared about a lot of things too but I'm trying not to worry too much which is hard at times but we are strong people and will get through this without a doubt. 

I hope everything goes well tomorrow I'll be thinking of u, mind keep us posted and good luck.

Big hugs to u. Nicola x 

Hi Mel 

Yeah the tablets have kicked and stopped the bleeding,thank god as these past few days have been terrible with pain etc and the tramadol just sent me crazy,I was thinking all these terrible things and taking it out on my boyfriend and actually nearly ended things with him but seem to be back to my normal self today as I have less pain,no bleeding and haven't touched tramadol. I did get discharge but it went away after a few days of taking the tablets. Hope that helps.

Hope u are feeling ok. 

Nicola x