Hi im not sure if this is the right place to post this ? I was diagnosed with cervical cancer December 2011, treatment January 2012 a radical trachelectomy with removal of lymph nodes. 

Since November 2014 I have been getting bleeds in between my period. I have regular 31 day periods every month and this bleed has now happened on 3 occasions.  November, January and now March. I have noticed that it Happeneds the day after I've had sex. I don't get any pain or bleeds during or straight after sex it's always happened on these 3 occasions the next day. I have seen my Gp who reffered me back to my consultant,  I have had another smear and an examination in February (last month).  Results haven't came back yet but my consultant doesn't seem worried. Obviously with my history I am quite worried and really don't know what to do, it's obviously  not normal. Has anyone had this happen to them, what should I do ? 

Hi Monty :-)

I can certainly understand your concern, I think we all can. You have been re-examined by your consultant and beyond that I cannot think of anything else you can do. Obviously you may know a little more when the results come back from your smear test but I would take heart from the fact that your consultant does not appear to be worried. It would of course be helpful if he could give you a rational explanation as to why this is happening. Perhaps he'll do that when your results come back. Perhaps you could push him?

Be lucky