I am after advise, around 12 months ago I was referred to the colposcopy clinic as I was suffering from bleeding on a couple of occasions months apart after a heavy core workout ( I have little core and muscle separation from 15 years ago giving birth), I have also on occasion had a slight spotting after sex (weirdly it is normally 12/24 hours after sex not during or straight after).

The gp saw an ectropion, I have had this on and off for years but with very little problems, anything normally came and went over the years and wasn't frequently there. so 2 weeks later I visited the specialist who examined me and noted the ectropion and asked various questions, I then had to go away with a cycle chart and keep a record for 3 months of the intermittent and post coital bleeding. (I wasn't happy as 3 months of anxiety was the worst)

I discovered that the bleeding sometimes was during mid cycle and was irritated after sex, as above. I have never had a heavy bleed or a period type bleed as such.

When I arrived back at the specialist a little before the 2 months as I was really worried about it, I phoned and they fetched my appt forward. He did another examination which still showed the ectropion and nabothian follicles, he looked over the information I had taken and advised me he would do my smear 6 months early and if that came back ok he would discharge me.

I got discharged as all was ok and came back normal, I have had smears since I was 18, the change in age came after this, so I was lucky, so I have had let's say 5 smears and all normal, on occasion the have found ectropions, some times not.

It's been 8 months and I have had very little bother, occasional spotting, I would mostly say just before period and mid cycle. 

Last night (mid cycle) I had some bleeding for a few hours, only when I wiped though and it was mostly likely mixed with mucous to make it look worse, I did have a small dark red flat clot come away (I clot alot but only little ones during my period), I had sex 36 hours before. 

I generally don't get bleeding any other times, only a day or so after sex for a short period.

I have visisted the doctor this morning and she has referred me again but not urgent as she said I had already been 8 months ago. I asked her if she was going to examine me and she advised it wouldn't be beneficial as she was just going to refer me anyway given the history.

I asked her if anything could have been missed (as this is my main worry, I am petrified it's CC), she said that smears can fetch things to light but don't detect other things, I am worried it could be further up as I have read the stories on here and have worked myself up over it.

I asked why wouldn't they have carried out a colposcopy last year and she said that the specialist upon examination must have been satisfied it was just the ectropion.


I am feeling very anxious and trying to google any answers and sense, can anyone offer me any advice or help?






Hello Emma :-)

Sorry to hear you are having an anxious time. It seems to be almost as easy to self-diagnose CC as it is to self-medicate with wine ;-)

I am not a doctor but this really doesn't sound like CC to me. It's great that you have been referred and when you have your appointment let the people examining you know your concerns so they can have an extra good look further up, but to be honest with you, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli, 

I have no bleeding since and to be honest don't have random bleeds other than after sex, so I think my health anxiety is getting the better of me. I really appreciate your response more than you know.


Kindest Regards

Emma R

Not that I'm an expert, but it isn't the syptoms that are typical of cancer of the cervix.  Yes, smears do not show all cancers, and you may have read that on here.  I had an arosion for many years, and it would sometimes bleed.  I also had spotting mid cycle.  This was years ago.  WHen I was diagnosed with CC, all I had had was an increased discharge.  Every time I went to the gp, they said I was perimenopausal (I was 45-46), I now know that was a symptom of CC.  Some while later I was rushed to hospital by ambulance because I was haemorrhaging (?sp), then I was referred and they found a large tumour.

It's easier to say, than to do.  But, it doesn't sound very much like CC, so keep yourself occupied as much as you can, and try to put it to the back of your mind.