Hi all, hope everyone is recovering well. I have been reading this blog for a while and it has been a life saver, I thought I would share my story as I am a little worried but don't think I should tell my Dr and waste their time. I had a smear last year and results came back with cin3, I didn't really know what it was untill I read up on it, by which time I was panicking thinking I had cancer, like my Nan who is now in remission from thyroid cancer. Yay. Anyway I had my Lletz around 3 weeks ago now under general and didn't have any bleeding at first despite being due on. But about 3 days in I felt bad with fizzyness and light headed and had a really bad smell down there, to the point where I wanted to be sick ( sorry for the details), anyway I thought I had an infection so tang the gp and was told it was normal, a few dats passef and I rang again, this time seeing a nurse who confirmed I had an infection, antibiotics here I come. Now 3 weeks on from the llets I am bleeding and getting pain back in my lower belly which hasn't been there for about 1 week now, my wee is red and when I wipe myself its bright red, I have only passed a few clots, but could me more, they r small though not big and I Dnt have to change my pad every 30 mins or anything. My questiom is, is it normal to be bleeding still 3 weeks, with the discomfort coming back. 


Sorry for the details ladies but need some help, so fed up wearing pads. O I am 26

Hi hun,

I had horrendous bleeding and an infection after my LLETZ, my GP prescribed antibiotics and tranexamic acid (which stops the bleeding/clots) which both were life savers! They both got me back to normal so maybe try getting the tranexamic acid? Hope this helps


Hiya. I'll be 3 weeks after loop today n still bleeding similar to you, with lover back and stomach pain that comes and goes xx