Hiya had intercourse the other night and was bleeding nearly 3 years ned got hospital on the 28th so will see what they say 

Hope your doing ok. Keep us updated. 

Im a year and a half all clear and have just had the same bleeding after at the hospital tomorrow so will hopefully get a proper check over...will update you...hope all goes well Leanne

Thankyou i will keep yous up dated when i see the hospital doc on the 28th x

Good luck for tomorrow xx

Please let me know what the doc says xxx hope all goes well xxx

I sometimes get some fresh pink blood after sex but when you have radiation damage it’s explained bleeding, my specialist nurse said my consultant is only concerned by bleeding which doesn’t have an explaination. :) 

WhT were your mri results, Leanne ?


i had my mri yesterday. The bleeding for me starts a couple days after sex and lasts for a few days. I have some now and I’m very stressed by it. 


I just posted about this the other day! I’m over 2 years out after chenorads and I’m bleeding after intercourse as well.

This website is looking weird to me. It looks like Leanne is answering her own posts lol. A glitch or something? 

Anyway, let us know as soon as you know something!