Hi I had a radical hysterectomy in November last year and in January was given the all clear. A couple of months later I started bleeding a little after sex but nothing much and it stopped almost straight away so I figured it was normal to begin with. Well it's been months and now I bleed almost like a light period for hours after is that OK or should I be going to the doctor I'm not sure what's 'normal" now


Hi Jenna:

I'd go and see the doctor. It sounds like something hasn't healed properly and that sex is aggravating it. Can't hurt to have it checked out.

Take care

love t xx

Hello! Just this morning I went to my gp has I have had one episode of bleeding  after sex, I was petrified, I had my vaginal hysterectomy last September. He had a look and noticed some over granulation on the vault, did a swab to rule out infection and did a vault smear. 

I recently had a scan in my ovaries as I had a cyst filled with blood on my right ovary, the most recent scan on the 11th May showed it had gone and everything else looked normal, I also had an internal scan so I'm hoping it's the over granulation tissue that caused the bleed! 

Doesnt make it any easier tho! Pop and see your GP to put your mind at rest xxx