Bleeding two years post-menopause - very worried about next steps

Hi - I’m new to the site and I really just wanted to tell someone what’s going on. I’m just over 60 and about 2 years post-menopause. Last week I started bleeding, like a medium-ish period. I went to my GP this week and she tried to do a smear test, but I’ve always found them painful and this time I was just so tense and worried that she didn’t get very far (literally!) but enough to see that I have “active bleeding”, which I knew, of course. She’s referred me to the local hospital and they’ve booked me in for next Thursday afternoon for a consultation, which might or might not include examination. I’m still bleeding every day.
I’m so worried I can hardly take a deep breath. I lost my sister to cancer - it was only 18 months from her diagnosis to her death, and she was just 2 years older than I am now. Admittedly it was a melanoma cancer which is a fast one, but the process was awful. I lost my mother to breast cancer shortly afterwards, though she was a good age. I’m on my own and a long way from my remaining family, and I don’t want to tell them what’s happening because we are still hurting from the loss of my sister and hey - it’s Christmas: not a time when I want to upset anyone. There’ll be time enough for that later if things go badly.
I’ve read about the likely tests that I’ll need and I’m so scared. I can’t take the pain of another smear like the other day and I’ve asked the hospital to make a note that I want any internal check to be done with an anaesthetic, but I don’t know how this would be administered. I want to suggest at the consult that they take me in for a day, give me a general anaesthetic (which I’ve had for other things and it doesn’t bother me at all) and do all the tests/biopsy/whatever in one session, but can I insist on this? What if they refuse to treat me this way?
I know they’ll probably think I’m silly and a wuss but I don’t care now - I’ve had unsympathetic reactions at clinics before, but honestly I don’t see why I should try to have a process that’s painful (and waste everyone’s time) if there’s a way for it not to be and get it done so we can all find out what’s wrong.
Has anyone else had any similar experience? Thank you for reading.


Sorry you find yourself here, but this is the place to be.  There are tons of women on here who can empathize, answer questions and generally hold your hand while you deal with all this stuff.

The bleeding is a worry, for sure, so i'm glad you're getting yourself checked out. Any other symptoms? An unpleasant discharge seems to be very common with cervical cancer. Of course, the bleeding could be caused by many different things, so try not to get ahead of yourself. It's hard not to do that I know. If it does turn out to be cc it's very treatable and cureable, irrespective of the stage. There are women on here who have been diagnosed from stage 1 to stage 4 and all have been treated.

As for the smear, I think you should stick to your guns and tell them you'd like some kind of anesthesia. Hell, we can request a relaxant at the dentist these days so I don't see why this should be so impossibly difficult to arrange in a hospital setting. 

Can I give you some advice? One step at a time. Right now it's just bleeding. I say "just" not to minimize, but to encourage you to focus on the here and now. You've not been diagnosed with anything, so go ahead and enjoy your Christmas. Nothing you can do about anything right now, so really try to put your concerns out of your mind. Next week you can deal with the smear and tests. If you have a wobble or want to chat, jump back on here and we'll hold your hand!

Take care

love t xx

Thank you so much, Teresa - it's nice to hear the first reassuring voice!  Apart from feeling like I need the loo more often, I have no other symptoms (and I'm REALLY checking every day!) and the GP found nothing to comment on when she prodded me about externally the other day.  In my calmer moments I know I have to take it one step at a time, though the not knowing is dreadful as everyone who's been through it will no doubt agree - I have three close friends all around my age who are dealing with breast cancer and blood cancers and I'm beginning to appreciate how they must feel.  But you're right - I can't do anything right now and at the consult next week I mean to stand my ground about some help with the exam, otherwise I'm wasting their time and mine by saying I can deal with a check that I know I can't. 

I added a couple of indulgent items to the shopping this morning, and later I intend to toast all those who are worrying for themselves or others, and all those who are getting on with life.  I'm delighted to see your own record, it's fantastic and a great end to the year.  Have a good Christmas and a bright New Year and thank you so much again for taking the trouble to get in touch.



Me again! I couldn't find your post.

You may want to start up a new thread on a different board. You'll get more input/ideas/advice etc over on the Cervical Screening board, where people hang out to discuss smear issues, including problems having a smear taken. The Menopause board is less frequented, I think, and is mainly women who have been pushed into early menopause following hysterectomy. They discuss Hrt and all that jazz, which is not really your main concern at the moment.

Wander over to cervical screening. There are several women there who don't want to have smears for a variety of reasons - you may find some kindred spirits!

Good luck with your appointment on Thursday.  Keep us posted.

love t x


Hi, Teresa - that's good advice, thank you.  I may post after I get back tomorrow.

C  x