Bleeding still 6 weeks after LLETZ/ NETZ & hysteroscopy


I am just trying to seek some reassurance and advice. I had a NETZ (like a LLETZ but more of a 'cone shape' taken) and hysteroscopy under GA on the 12 June.


The treatment went well and my results showed no CGIN just CIN3 removed with clear margins which I am so grateful for, this forum has been a fantastic resource over this time.

Unfortunately, since treatment, there has not been a day where I have not bled (6 weeks since treatment this Thursday). I believe I've had a period (cramps for a few days and heavier) but I am still bleeding different types of blood everyday (sorry if I am not describing this well).

Some days it can be light (like brown discharge), other days it can be more clotting and mucous like and dark red/ stringy (TMI!) and on Friday it was bright red again and I was bleeding quite heavily - changing pad every hour for a few hours then it slowed again.  I was in a different city at the time so didn’t want to go to hospital and as it eased I wasn’t so concerned again.

I've had antibiotics for a suspected infection (although no smell and pain) but these didn't work.  As it’s not always heavy so I don’t think I’ve ruptured anything but something is not right and  I think the blood loss is starting to make me feel exhausted.

I started exercising after two weeks following the procedure but have since stopped to make sure I am resting the area but it just doesn’t seem to stop.

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and, if so, what they did to stop the bleeding? 

Thank you so much.



Just a bit of reassurance from me. After my first LLETZ I bled for 13 weeks! I know it isn't really what you want to hear but just wanted you to know it can happen! I remember it being so awful and exhausting! It just eventually stopped. I didn't bleed so much after my second LLETZ until I did rupture something and was passing huge clots and loads of blood. You'll really know about it if there is a rupture!! It might be worth calling your colposcopy clinic for them to have another look. My clinic were always brilliant and would fit me in when they could.

I hope you feel better soon and the bleeding eases x

Hi Erika

Thank you so much for your response.  13 weeks is a long time, and whilst I hope it doesn't last that long, it's comforting to know I am not alone in experiencing this.  Sometimes I think it's the anxiety of still bleeding over that actual blood that makes me worry!

I've pestered the colposcopy nurses a lot (but they have just been fantastic) and have offered me an emergency appointment just to have a look so hopefully that'll shed some light on if there is an issue or whether I'm just one of those ones that takes a little longer to heal.

I hope you are well after your treatments and thank you again for your response x

Just a little update, I had my colposcopy appointment today and the clinician checked my cervix and there was a small blood clot that she removed and put on some Silver Nitrate (I think) and a little gauze strip to try help it to heal.

I’ve also been given the go ahead to exercise but might wait until next week to see how I’m doing.

She said the bleeding will stop in several days so fingers crossed this now works!

Hope this helps anyone else with this issue and thank you again Erika for your reply.