Bleeding started 9 days after LLETZ


Apologies if this sounds silly but i am feeling really alone and could really use some friendly advice.

I had an LLETZ procedure done last Monday - i was exceptionally emotional and very scared but the team at the Hospital were lovely and the treatment was done quite quickly.

Since the procedure i have had quite heavy gritty discharge (sorry) but no blood - which i thought was a good sign.

I have taken it really easy for the last 9 day but this morning i have started to bleed - Is this Normal?

thanks for you time

N x

I also had lletz last week and I was told that if I bled at all I should go to my local walk in- they could give me medication that woul make it stop. They said that unless it was the time when my period was due then bleeding isn't common though I have read on here of many who have , maybe the procedures gotten better ?! If your worried I'd give your GP or local a&e a ring even if its just to pit your mind at rest x

I had a similar experience (including emotional overload!)

I had darkish discharge only, then bleeding from about 10 days in.  As mine was only light, and what I'd been told to expect, I didn't call in to a hospital/ GP, it went on for about a fortnight and is now back to (lighter) discharge.

But if you're at all worried, there's no harm in either giving the colposcopy team a ring, or seeing someone - don't be concerned about bothering them unneccesarily, as with gynae procedures they'd rather know early if there is a problem and/or put your mind at rest so that you don't get stressed out.