Hi, I am new on here and I apologise if this is not the best place to ask questions, but I am in a panic and have no one else to talk to.

I am 39, with 3 children. About 18 months ago, I had the Mirena coil fitted.

In April 2017, I had a smear test and was apparently meant to return six months later for a check-up, as there were some "minor changes". I say apparently because this information was never passed onto me from my surgery, so when I got the letter in October I thought they messed up and ignored it.

However, as I have been bleeding after intercourse I returned on the 25th of January. The nurse had to really look for my previous results as they were not on the system, but found them eventually. Anyway, I was given yet another smear and this time I noticed the smear caused me to bleed, which the nurse said was common. 

Over the next week, the amount of blood I lost was heavy. I had only had my period a week before and due to the Mirena coil, my periods have been lesser anyway. However, within a few days the loss was so heavy (like after birth heavy) I had to return to my GP, saw the nurse who prescribed Tranexamic Acid to control the bleeding. 

By the time I returned to the GP on the 5th of February menstrual blood had lessened. She managed to examine me and said she thought she could see a red cluster of cells which was probably cervical erosion (cervical ectropion) and sent me on my way- unable to access my files as she was "locked out of her computer." In fact, she made me feel as if I was a pest.


The bleeding has never stopped and actually increased again about a week ago, so I have booked another appointment with another doctor as I have since read about Cervical ectropion and not seen anything about prolonged bleeding, also she never presented me with a solution and I am now in pain in my abdomen and leg. I see her tomorrow morning.


This morning I got a letter from my smear results saying I needed to go for a Colposcopy and need to wait 8 weeks. If it wasn't for the bleeding, I  probably wouldn't panic, but I am panicking. I can't focus on anything other than the bleeding- it's a constant reminder. 


Am I overreacting? Is this more common than I am being led to believe? If all is well, I am thinking of asking the Mirena to be removed because I don't like it. 

Thanks for reading.

Updating in case anyone else has  a similar problem. I went to the  GP this morning. Feel as if I am acting dramatically because they didn't seem concerned, but they didn't exactly put my mind at rest either. So I just have to wait eight weeks for colposcopy. Also been given Norethisterone tablets to control bleeding. Will update if there are any changes.