Bleeding & referral

Hiya. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, new here. 

i have had bleeding between periods for 2 months now and a cramp type feeling in my lower back. Went to docs yesterday for examination. She has referred me to gynaecologist. She said it wasn't cervical something or other, didn't quite catch the name so would need to be sure it was something to worry about. She said 9/10 it isn't cancer. Just wondering how long the wait is just now with covid. I'm in Scotland so I'm not sure if that's different. Sorry for rambling.

Any help much appreciated xx

Docs been on the phone. She is sending me for a scan. I'm really worried and need someone to talk to. 

Hi ilovetea, 


I hope you're doing okay. Didn't want to read and run. 


What about trying the ask the expert section on here, or calling the helpline lovely? X

Thank you for your reply. I've not been able to get logged in for some reason. I will do. Thanks.