Bleeding, previous low grade cell changes

I had my smear test in June last near, which found I was hpv positive with low grade dyskaryosis, I had a colposcopy and biopsy and results came back as mild viral changes related to hpv-routine smear again in 3 years. A couple of weeks ago I woke up and had bled during the night, had some abnormal bleeding again yesterday. Should I get this checked out or just wait and see if it happens again, as I have had a fairly recent smear!

Hi Loz,

It’s worth mentioning this to your GP. Abnormal bleeding can be for a variety of reasons. My friend has had some post-menopausal bleeding in the last year, so she booked her smear, and her results showed CIN2. She had biopsies and then LLETZ treatment for this, and was referred to have her womb checked. They took a biopsy of her endometrium, which was a bit thicker than they’d have liked, but that came back fine. They did find polyps though, which is what has likely caused her abnormal bleeding. She’s waiting for an appointment for those to be removed.

I have had some abnormal bleeding myself, during sex and sometimes when emptying my bowels. I also had some abdominal pain, so was referred for an ultrasound. Everything was fine. When I had a colposcopy in December, they found CIN2, which I had treated last week with cold coagulation. The Colposcopist mentioned ectopy, so this could very well explain my abnormal bleeds. Cold coagulation treats this as well as the CIN2, so hopefully that’s the end of the abnormal bleeding for me!

But yes, if you are having abnormal bleeding, it’s always worth speaking to your GP about it.

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