Bleeding post 2nd lletz

Hi everyone.

I had a 2nd lletz treatment two weeks ago and have not stopped bleeding since. The last week has been heavier (like a heavy period) and is bright red.

Is this normal? I know they had to go in quite deep as this was for CGIN and they were trying to take a biopsy near a suspected cancer lesion.

Anyone had a similar experience?

Hi floppy, I had my first lletz yesterday and was told that the bleeding could become heavier after 10 days due to the scab softening on the cervix if this is any consolation but obviously if your worried contact your colposcopy nurses x

Thank you! I’m now on antibiotics as the bleeding just kept getting heavier

Hey I had my lletz in nov all ok now. I found a great Facebook group healing from Leep and loafs of women worth a look


Hey! Absolutely nothing to worry about. I had really, really heavy bleeding after my loop cone surgery. So severe that I took myself to a&e as not even the thickest sanitary towels would suffice. I actually had my treatment done privately so at a&e they couldn’t do much apart from provide me with blood clotting pills (to encourage clotting) and the resident gyno tried to patch me up.

I got in contact with my private doctor who did the surgery who saw me the next day. He told me it was one or two blood cells that just wouldn’t heal (it’s honestly amazing how much blood can be produced from just one or two cells). He put glue over these cells and it seemed to do the trick. Definitely nothing to panic about, just contact your doctor/ nurse.