Bleeding past few months

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I am 41 year old mother of 3 kids age 12+,10+,8+ . had last year october surgery of appendicitis afterward since november having bleeding issue bleeding only stop when I am Cyclopran and Provera .Doctors did the scan and camera examination not found any polyps and Fibroids . yesterday i had Uterus biopsy . live in Ireland they suggested results will come in almost a month . Nurse also recommended to go for Coil which i dont wanted to have instead of prefer to have hysterectomy. Any advise my mental situation is getting worse every passing day , do full time IT job looking after kids and house all responsibilities . Also Have all other symptoms for Cervix cancer wet all the time with smelly discharge , have incontinence issue bleeding since november was stopped during march & april as soon as medicines stopped bleeding started , pain in lower abdomen always as well as back pain consistent . Thanks for you suggestions
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I’m in a similar situation and I know how awful it is to have all these horrible symptoms and have the doctors either dismiss them or try and treat with medication…I just went to doctors today and the hospital had taken me off the list as I missed an appointment (family bereavement). Now that my bmi is under 35 there’s no reason not to get hysterectomy :pray:. I was put on an injection that put me into a medically induced menopause which stopped my bleeding but just allowed for a year so you could maybe inquire about that xx

Dear DianaH ,
Thanks for the reply back . Yes its not good situation for me at this age my BMI is also seems under 35 seems 32.8 . You recommend not to go for hysterectomy , my bleeding stopped somehow but having brown thick discharge always wet that makes me feel always uncomfortable no matter have bleeding or not have to be on sanitary pads all the time that leading me to extreme thrush in night won’t let me sleep even sometimes. Are they all sign of uterus cancer ? Thanks for your guidance. Kind Regards Shakuntala

I would definitely recommend going for hysterectomy but the doctors might want to try all different avenues first and they said to me also about coil which I’ve tried but my body reacts to the coil. I also have the brown bleeding and been told it’s fine it’s just old blood but I am also worried that it’s serious. Hopefully you will get answers soon xx

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Thanks dear will definitely check with other doctor opinion too cannot relay on them because they find the easiest way to the problem. I had my biopsy done on monday have been advised to wait for the results a month extremely long waiting time , but thats Ireland can’t do anything have to wait for the results Thanks for the reply . Regards

Hi I’d say keep pushing for further investigations if things don’t feel right (sadly this is what we have to do). I was told on numerous occasions that my heavy bleeding was due to my age and the changes I was going through. I’d also not been feeling right for some months with various symptoms and had been back and forth to the Gp, where usually I never go. I had to really fight for further investigations to eventually find out I had CC. Good luck and hope you get answers soon.

Thanks dear for the reply back . Yes I am on the investigation, if nothing done here will go India for further treatment , currently waiting for biopsy results good thing since past two days my bleeding stop happy for that :slight_smile: sorry to know you had CC. Is the symptoms for CC as similar which are mine ? Hope you get better soon. Thanks Regards

Hi, yes some, had lower back pain, ongoing stomach issues and something just didn’t feel, right. I had a bit of a battle to be believed and was obviously shocked that I had stage 3 CC. Just to say my bleeding kept stopping and starting during this time. I hope everything is ok for you but I do try to advocate to women now to pursue investigations if they don’t think things are right as I don’t want anyone to go through what I did.

Oh really sorry dear , I am going through this lower back pain past long time as well as stomach constipation issues too .hoping the good results on the biopsy . Did they figure out level of cancer in biopsy results ? As per the severeness they will recommend the treatment options? What you suggest if have any sign of cancer should go for hysterectomy ? Thanks for your advice . Regards

Unfortunately there were many blunders with my diagnosis and it wasn’t until about a month after I got my diagnosis that I had my staging (it was reassessed after an MDT). I had chemo, radiotherapy and brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) as I had staging 3C1.

What was your back pain like - do you mind if I ask?
Did it ever ease up? Was it like a stabbing pain - relentless?

Did you have issues with bladder?

Hi Izzy, my back pain was in the lower back and started as occasionally aching (which I first put down to maybe a running injury) but as time progressed it got progressively worse. I found it hard to sit/stand, I was really uncomfortable and the pain was all day/every day and eventually I was living on pain killers. (Paid a lot out for physio/osteopath but of course this wouldn’t have helped as it was nothing to do with that).

Hi. Thanks for responding.

My back ache started literally over night. It didn’t start gradual. It wasn’t there then it was and I was struggling to sit and it has been aching.

Did anything help yours? Like did lying down help? Or was it sore all the time - like an uncomfortable feeling? How long if you don’t mind me asking did it take to get to a point of it being there all the time and needing pain relief.

I had a period on 22nd March and when I finished that period (which was weirdly shorter than my others) I had back ache which like I said - just came on.

It’s been there ever since and sometimes it’s not as bad as other times. It was bad a month ago and felt crampy and achy then eased a bit then when I was abroad, aching driving like stiff and aching.

I’m worried sick because I’ve got a growth on my cervix and I need to have it removed. I’m worried it’s related.

Hello Dear , Sorry for my late reply , my back pain is like a stabbing pain always there no matter I rest ease only timeframe i use heat belt or hot bootle rest always there , I have constipation issue as well as very bad bladder incontinence issues, urine leaks all the time no matter if i went for toilet a minute ago come back to my seat it always leek , due to which my sex life also affected earlier was having the bleeding for long time past few days bleeding stop now the urine leakage issue with bad smell Thanks

Did you find out what it was xx

No not yet waiting for biospy results , good sign my bleeding stop now from few days only the incontinence issues hoping the results will come end of this month Thanks

How old are you? Did you have a smear test too xx

I am 41 year old yes smear test was normal no issues Thanks

Why have they taken a biopsy? Is there a fibroid or polyp

No they took Biopsy to test the cancerous tissues over my Uterus because seems have endometrium hyperplasia xx