Bleeding pain and cervical Eroson

Hello, new here.

I was in talks with my local nurses and GP due to irregular bleeding stomach cramping and back pain despite being on every day contraceptive pill.

I booked in for my routine smear testing and was advised on a chlamydia test.

During my screening the nurse mentioned I had been bleeding a lot and that I have what looks like a cervical erosion (smear was very painful and brought on bad cramps)

My chlamydia results have came back negative still awaiting my smear results. I have been referee to gyno but can take up to 24 weeks. My pain continues but bleeding has stopped!

Anyone else experienced the same? I didn’t have a cervical erosion on my last smear.

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take care dear we are here with you I know how it feels

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I havent really had the same as you but im 26 and i been bleeding 3 months now it wont stop, im having pelvic and lower back pain i had a pap done came back normal, had ultrasounds down on my pelvic and Abdominal. My uterus has thick lining and my liver starting to look fatty . So shes doing a biopsy on the 13th . Im happy i join this page because i am so scared and everyone keeps pushing my worries away and wont talk to me. I hope your results come back good