Bleeding/pain 10 days post LLETZ

Hi ladies

Im wondering if this is normal... I had LLETZ, laser and biopsies under GA last Tuesday. Had bleeding after which then turned to discharge. Then this morning I have fresh bleeding and pain? Inside shooting pain and crampy abdo pain. Is this normal? Haven't had any bleeding since thurs last wk so I thought it strange to bleed now



I didn't have any bleeding at all until 10 days after LLETZ, then I pretty much had 2 weeks of bleeding, though my period was due in the 2nd week so I think some of it was that! I did have some pain as well when the bleeding started initially; bit crampy, bit bloated, but it all cleared up within a few days. If you are worried call the Gynae clinic - I was advised that if the bleeding wasn't particularly heavy - mine at its heaviest was not even normal period heavy - and there wasn't any dodgy smelling discharge, then it was perfectly normal. 

Emma x


Yes exactly the same. No bleeding for 7 days after now on day 12 of bleeding! 

I think it can mess with your periods too. My leaflet said to see g.p if bleeding is worse than a period xx 

I have had 2 llettz in 6 months and got infections with both, you will know if infected as the smell is vile!