Bleeding over a year on from being given the all clear

Hi ladies, I’ve not posted for a long time but today find myself worrying myself silly

I was given the all clear in January 2017 and have had check ups every 3 months which have been all fine. Today after going for a wee the toilet bowl was full of bright red blood. This was one of my symptoms when I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. I’m due to see my consultant in 2 weeks and I have phoned my nurse specialist but I don’t think I will hear anything tonight. Have any of you experienced this? so far after radiotherapy and chemotherapy? 

Thanks xxx


I think you should keep chasing the specialist nurse. Did you have a hysterectomy? Bleeding can be due to many things but it's definitely a sign that shouldn't be ignored. I went to GP with just tiny spots and I did have cancer again. Definitely get yourself checked out asap. Hopefully they can put your mind at rest. If it is something bad the faster you can be treated the better. Good luck!


Hi Karen, 

thanks for your reply, I didn’t have a hysterectomy I had chemorads and brachytherapy. I’ve spoken to my cancer nurse and she’s a bit baffled by the type of bleed and the fact there are no other symptoms.

I have an appointment Wednesday so fingers crossed it’s nothing serious

Kim xx 

Most things aren't serious and with history like ours it's easy to worry about every single thing. All the same, I am glad you are being seen Wednesday. Hopefully you will be sleeping soundly on Wednesday night. Keep me posted.


Will do xx

A similar thing happened to me and it was from radiation damage to my bladder.  I had bleeding on and off for a couple months but it has stopped for now.  My doctor did some urine tests and sent me to a urologist who did a cytososcopy  exam where the insert a tiny camera in your bladder.

I am two years since finishing treatment and my doctor said it is not uncommon for radiation issues to come up years later.

Oh Kimmy I’m sorry you’re worrying. 

is it blood in the Urine or coming from the vagina? I also had chemo rads and finished November 2016. I have had blood in urine on and off for months. Sometimes it’s bright red and sometimes hardly at all and other times none. I had a cystoscopy and it was bladder damage. Like Jocelyn said. Maybe yours is that. 

Let us know how you get on with your appointment. Thinking of you x

Hi ladies it’s vaginal bleeding, just one episode so far. I had the exact same happen before being diagnosed.

there was lots of bright red blood in the bowl but then nothing afterwards and no spotting. 

Hopefully I’ll have some answers Wednesday xx

So nothing alarming showed up during my internal examination today. My consultant thinks it may have something to do with my ovaries. CT and MRI booked to investigate further xx

Sounds like you are in safe hands!

Hi! Any update? did they think your ovaries are functioning again maybe?