Bleeding over 4 weeks after lletz procedure

Hi. I'm still bleeding over 4 weeks after my lletz procedure and I wondered if anyone had experienced the same thing? I've been given antibiotics to treat an infection but after 4 days I'm still getting blood. It's bright red but also has darker small clots in it. I'm driving myself crazy worrying that I'm not healing properly. Scared to exercise for fear I'm opening the wound up. 

anyone else had this experience? I'm drained and stressed out. The bright side is my results came back and it's not cancer. So that's really good news but this bleeding has me scared

I'm almost 4 weeks post lletz now got an infection on day 6. No results as of yet but I'm going to chase on the phone tomorrow. I'm still bleeding you can bleed up to 6 weeks! I've just been going for short 2-3 mile walks on the weekends and nothing in the week to have some level of fitness. It hasn't brought on any more bleeding just occasional pelvic pain but it subsides. Hope that helps! 

katie x

I had two LLETZ about two months apart - the first I bled for weeks though not by the sound of it quite as heavily as you. The second I had no blood at all for 4 days then heavy for two weeks. Both times I had pain coming and going, and still now occasional pain, not as bad as my periods were though. It seems to be different every time. If you're worried though, get it checked - ring 111 or the GP or the hospital - even if it's all fine, the worry isn't helping you. They will sort you out - they know it's scary and worrying so even if there's nothing wrong they'll be glad to reassure you.