Bleeding or period HPV


Sorry to post again, just really really worried. :pensive:

I tested positive for HPV last December but with no abnormal cells.

In the past year i have had no symptoms of anything.

Until 2 days ago, I slept with my partner and woke up the next day to very light spotting that turned into what I would suggest was a period. This was yesterday.

Today woke up, still bleeding but much lighter and now it is only noticeable if i wipe further in. Sorry for the tmi.

I have felt for the last week i was due a period so i just assumed the “deed” spurred it on, I have PCOS so dont ever get periods last one was in July but i had to take pills to induce this.

I started taking the pill for my period this week and forgot it one day and then started bleeding so unsure if it was sex that caused it or the pill or i was jusy due.

However having had the HPV positive diagnosis i cant help but worry this is something sinister.

Is it possible to go from HPV normal cells to CC in 11 months?

Im going out of my mind with worry :worried:

Thanks for any help xx

Hi @Kalainax

It would be very unlikely to go from normal cells to CC in such a short space of time especially CC thats accompanied by symptoms… CC is usually in an advanced stage if symptoms occur, and even CIN3 has been known to take years to potentially turn cancerous, it does seem more likely your bleeding is a result of something unrelated to CC, most likely due to the pill or what they call a breakthrough bleed

I was being monitored for CIN1 when i started experienceing abnormal bleeding, i did end up needing a LLETZ treatment as my cells progressed however no cancer was found in my sample… many of us do have symptoms that match CC to a tee but 9 times out of 10 it does turn out to be caused by something completely unrelated xx


Thank you so much for reassuring me, Google just terrifies you! I dont have any symptoms and even the bleeding feels normal for me due to the Provera tablets to induce a period but the fact I started after intercourse filled me with fear.

Many thanks for your reply xx

Its natural to panic, we all go on high alert when we get a HPV+ then things start to happen… Dr Google has a terrible habit of making things 10x worse lol but its likely you would have bled to begin with, it was probably just a coincidence that it happened when it did

Do keep an eye on it incase it happens again though, like if it happens when you havnt taken your pill… you could have something called a cervical ectropion which can also cause bleeding after sex, its completely unrelated to HPV/CC and has no chance of turning into cancer xx

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Google is the worst especially for someone like me who has severe health anxiety :upside_down_face: but you are so right, it doesn’t help and on here is definitely better for advice.

Yes I will keep an eye, this is the first time and hasn’t yet stopped so Im thinking definitely a period as it looks and feels like one.

Thanks again, take care xx

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