Bleeding on and off - normal?

Hi ladies, 

I had my colposcopy and lletz treatment on 01/12/14 for high grade dyskaryosis and bled for around 6 days (although I had also started my period in this time). I then had 2 days with no bleeding but some browny coloured discharge. 

Yesterday, I started bleeding properly again and I am wondering if anybody else has experienced bleeding on and off? The doctor told me I could bleed for up to 4 weeks but I thought he meant continually. 

I'm also having some pains still, some slight cramping in my tummy and back but the actual pain feels more internal if that makes sense? It comes and goes daily. 

Any advice from your experiences would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance, Natasha :-) x

Hi :-)

It's a bleedin' nuisance isn't it! ;-) From everything I have read here I think this sounds pretty normal. I haven't had those procedures myself, but I think that any injury has a tendency to bleed a bit, stop, bleed a bit more, until it heals completely. I'm sure someone who has the same experience as you will be along shortly.

Go well


Hi Tivoli, 

It certainly is ha ha. Thank you for your response x

Hi Natasha,

no need to worry - this seems pretty normal. What happens is that after your treatment a little scab forms where the wound on your cervix is which will come off about a week or so later - hence some fresh (pink) blood. A new smaller scab forms which will then come off again, so there's some more fresh bleeding. I would assume that in between you'll have some discharge, some of which may be dried left-over brown-ish blood. Hope that makes sense. I've had a similar experience to you, and don't think there's anything to worry about unless you're bleeding really heavily (more than a normal period) and experience pains (probably also worse than period-type cramps and more stabbing-related sensations than a dull pain). Your body is healing and if you feel your cervix pulling and cramping a little your body is just showing you how hard it's working to get you back to normal. 

Hope this helps! Few more weeks, then it's over and you can celebrate! :)

I am due to have a coloposopy on Wednesday. I have not had periods for a few months and have bleed after intercourse. I am waiting results for a smear and ultrasound scan. 

When I am going to the toilet the pressure seems to be making me bleed. This has got worse over 2 days but told to wait until wed as not a lot they can do until then. my stomach is bloated and seems full of wind all the time.

I am so scared that I am dying and I am trying to stay positive . 

Any advice will be gratefully received as I just need to know now. 

Hi Anne, 

Thanks so much for your reply. That makes so much sense now you've said it. and I'm feeling much more relaxed now so thank you. And thanks for the heads up that this may happen again, I won't worry if it stops and starts again now.

Celebrations indeed, just in time for Christmas :-) Merry Christmas to you and your family, and all the other lovely ladies that may read this. This forum has been a great help recently. 

Natasha x

Christb, I'm so sorry for how you're feeling. It's easier said than done, but please try not to worry too much. If the doctor sees something in the colposcopy that needs treatment, they need do all they can to do it there and then. I haven't been through what you're going through symptoms wise, but if the doctor had immediate concerns, they wouldn't have made you wait. Please try not to Google your symptoms. It never helps! Stay strong x


Hi Natasha,

happy I could help! Have a great festive period, too! :)


sorry to hear you are experiencing symptoms that make you worry. This is understandable. You'll have your appointment in a couple of days' time where the docs will be able to tell you what is going on and what they can do to help you because I am sure they can! You will be in good hands. Some colposcopy clinics offer treatment there and then (most commonly LLETZ treatment), so try to find out if treatment can be offered to you - I suggest calling the nurse at the colposcopy clinic and asking her as whe will be able to give you that information. Otherwise it is likely the docs will take some biopsies to check your cervix in more detail, which helps them to see more concretely what is happening to your body. Until your colposcopy, I suggest you try and make yourself as comfortable as possible, surround yourself with your friends and family and do the things you like doing. Worrying won't help - always keep thinking that you have an appointment in a couple of days, where you will be checked out. Please let us know how it goes! You're not alone. x